About Our Company


Bidragon Machinery is located in Beijing, the capital and culture center of China. We are concentrating on manufacturing and trading the machines which is used the bamboo and wood as material. We are professional experts in the woodworking machine for almost 10 years. We have just set up two production line In Iran with our esteemed clients Mr. Carlos., they are the ice cream sticks making line and the tongue depressor making line.

Per our years’ experience, we have already set up a complete and mature problem solving database and our special client’s umbrella protection system which could ensure our clients a 24 hours covering. If you give us a chance, the Bidragon People will its best to provide you with a high quality machine and the most competitive price. In addition, our excellent after-sales services will surely make you a wonderful expression.

Bidragon People has dedicated in the wood making machines with all of their heart for many years, we have set up a mature and professional research and development department which could solve all the problem our esteemed clients may have.

Below is our main machines:
Bamboo toothpick making machine
Bamboo chopstick making machine
Bamboo stick making machine
Bamboo barbecue sticks, Bamboo Skewer making machine
Bamboo furniture making machine
Wooden toothpick making machine
Wooden chopsticks making machine
Ice cream stick making machine
Tongue depressor making machine
Wooden Spoon making machine
Wooden dowel making machine
Packing machine
coffee stirrers making machine