Bamboo Toothpick Machine---Toothpick Size & Capacity


The regular size of toothpick is 2.0MM*65MM, Double-pointed. But if you would like to make the single-pointed type, you need to order the toothpick sharpening machine, but you should indicate it is used for single-pointed toothpick sharpening.

For our toothpick sharpening machine, the speed for sharpening double-pointed toothpick is 700 to 1500 Pcs / Min.
For sharpening single-pointed toothpick, the speed is less than double-pointed toothpick.
If you wish to increase the quantity of producing toothpicks, you may consider increasing the quantity of the machine.
For toothpick packing machine, whether you wish to order or not is depending on your needs.
If you wish to sell the toothpick in bulk and not sell in individual packing, you do not need to buy this machine.
When you order the machines, you should also consider buying spare parts for future use with the machine order.