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High Speed Nail Making Machine

  • speed: 1000-1500 pcs/min
  • weight: 2800 KG
  • power: 7kW

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  • Specifications

High speed automatic nail making machine is applied to requirements for making nails with large batch, high precision and high production capacity.

High speed automatic nail making machine is featured by outstanding safety performance, stable quality, high reliability, convenient use and maintenance. PLC control and equipped with full-range optically controlled wire disorder shutdown system.

Feeding and rewinding structure

1.High - precision feeding device. The error of each nail length is controlled within 0.3mm

2.Unique wire feeding and retreating combination, each nail through the wire feeding, cutting, wire retreating, three mechanical action, the nail will be completely separated from the nail shank to ensure quality.

Unique patent, twice stamping

Dual-mode double-punch

1.Nail head can be punched well even the shank is uneven.

2.Big nail head.

3.Nail head with out knock marks to ensure consistency.

4.Uniform thickness of the nail cap diameter.

5.Hollow design nail die,no small head,no ash blacking,no clip crumbs,no cracking,no frequent dies demolition.

Compared with common machine, ours has below advantages mainly:

1. defective rate is below 1/100,000;

2. 1 worker can operate 10 machines at same time and skillful worker is not need because of easy operation & maintain;

3. labor cost saved 50% - 70% for nail making;

4. labor cost saved 35% - 45% for coil nail making;

5. us$18 can be saved to produce 1 ton nails (in China);

6. high pressure air pump is not needed;

7. spare parts have long service life with low prices.

High Speed Nail Making Machine Working Video:

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