1-6 inch Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine

Nail making machine production line is mainly composed of nail making machinedrawing machinenail polishing machine

The processing flow is based on your original material:

1. Scrap Wires→ Scrap Wire Drawing Machine → Nail Forming → Nail Polishing → Finished Nails → Package
2. New Wire Rod→ Wire Drawing Machine→ Nail Making → Nail Polishing → Finished Nails → Package

Automatic Wire Nail Production Line

01  Z-94 Series Nail Making Machine
Common wire nail making machine adopts plunger type structure to ensure its high working speed, low noise and low impact characteristics. It has wide uses, simple operation, and reliable working condition. The raw material can be waste scrap or new wire rod. The nail point and the nail head can be formed at one time with a high efficiency.

02  Combined Continuous Wire Drawing Machine
This combined continuous wire drawing machine is sturdy and durable with extremely low maintenance ratio by using the canine round seal lubrication. This machine can be used as a single one or combined together.

03  Nail Polishing Machine
when the nails comes out from the nail making machine, it is not so smooth and bright, to make it bright and have a good selling appearance, it needs to be polished. Firstly put the nail in the polishing drum, then put some saw dust onto the nails,then cover it and start the machine, in general it needs 2 hours’ polishing.

Accessory equipment

<1>. Knife Grinding Machine: Because after 1-2 days cutting,the nail knife installed on the wire nail making machines will become blunt,then you can use the nail knife grinder to grind the nail knife to make it sharp again.<2>. Butt Welding Machine: In case the wire breaks during drawing,you can use the butt welding machine to weld the broken wire together ,then continue the drawing.without this machine,if the wire breaks,you need to sharpen the wire head again and do all things from the start.
<3>. Nail Pointing Machine 


Automatic Wire Nail Production Line
Technological process for whole production line
Automatic oil Lubricating Pump System Can Be Customized
Ungsten Carbide Coating Treatment Parts
Detailed pictures of our nail making machine
Auxiliary machine: Knife Grinding Machine
Accessories:Nail Cutter, Punch Pin and Gripper die
Technical Items Unit Z94-6.5C Z94-5C Z94-4C Z94-3C Z94-2C Z94-1C
Diameter of nail Max mm 6.5 5.5 4.5 3.4 2.8 1.6
Diameter of nail Min mm 4.5 3.7 2.8 1.8 1.2 0.9
Length of nail Max mm 200 150 100 75 50 25
Length of nail Min mm 100 80 50 30 16 9
Designed output pcs/min 160 200 280 320 350 450
Motor power kw 11 5.5 4 3 3 1.5
Overall size mm 3200×2200×2200 2380×1580×1660 2120×1540×1590 1800×1260×1460 1645×1215×1345 1440×1040×1270
Weight kg 2800 2200 1900 1100 750 450

Note:    1 inch = 25.4 mm

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