How does wire feeding system in automatic nail making machine work?


Wire feeding system of a series automatic nail making machine

Feeding wire pedestal is fastened in the form of the body with screw.The one side of draw bar is linked with feeding wire eccentric disc, the other side of which is linked with transmission arm.

And the other side of transmission arm is connected to clamping slide.When crank shaft spinning, feeding wire eccentric disc spins with it. Meanwhile it drives draw bar to move back and forth, which impels transmission arm to move around,and brings along clamping slide sliding back and forth to feed wires.

Pulling feeding control handle can control feeding and make it stop anytime during running.

Adjusting the angle of feeding eccentric disc can change the feeding time.

Adjusting bar, resting on feeding eccentric disc, can get different wire feeding length.

Adjust the length of slide can get different places, where feeding wire slide moves.

With adjusting the position of slide, the feeding wire shears mark can be regulated to nail cap or nail head,which realizes no shears mark on the nail body.