How to start my nail making machine business


As for the wire nail making business, its volume of investment ranges are quite big. It can be a very small business with total investment under USD 8,000, but it also can be a big investment over USD 100,000.

For the small investors, is it necessary for them to buy all the machines in the nail production line?

Generally, a basic complete nail making production line, has the following machines:

Wire Drawing Machine

Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine

Nail Polishing Machine

As for a new beginner, if the total investment is not enough, you can remove the Wire Drawing Machine. Surely, it comes out another question, how can I get the different nail diameter if I remove the wire drawing machine?

Per our year’s experiences, there are two main methods to solve this problem:

Suppose you want produce the 3.4 mm diameter nails, you can buy the already drawn wire steel directly from China wire drawing factory. When you receive the machines and the original material, you can start your business immediately.

Another method is to buy the drawn steel wire in your local place, for this method, if you have the ability to buy a big quantity wire steel, you can get a good price.