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Wire Nail Drawing Machine

  • Type: LW-560
  • Inlet wire diameter: 6.5 mm
  • Outlet wire diameter: 1.8 mm
  • Average Compressibility: 25%
  • Total power: 30-18.5kw
  • Weight: 2000kg

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The pulley type continuous wire drawing machine has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, and easy operation, and it is suitable for drawing a variety of medium and thin fiber material, especially for mild steel wire, galvanized iron wire, steel head wire, stainless steel wire, rubber hose steel wire, spring steel wire, rod welding wire and copper wire aluminum rod, etc. 
Scope of application: gas-protection welding wire, welding electrode, stainless steel wire, galvanized iron wire, bullet and hard wire, copper wire, and metal product wire, etc. 




The set of the machine is ideal equipment drawing wire stock of high, medium and carbon steel, as well as copper, aluminum and alloy. The machines are applied to drawing wire in the factories such as wire-steel factory, metal mesh factory and nail making factory etc. 




The equipment consists of main reduction box.die casing, wheel frame, sash brace and electrical control system. The spinning drawing blocks are driven by JZT series motor, with gear coupling runs changeful gears to reduce speed. The drawing blocks are vertically fixed in sealed box body. The gear pairs are lubricated with oil. 
In order to lower residual heat on the surface of the block, the cooling means is installed in interval of the block. To reduce its working temperature, the machine is soaked in cooling water. 
The machine runs with carvel or linkage. The safety halt gear is installed by the position of operating block.

Transmission System: Strong narrow joint V-belt; strong narrow joint V-belt and spiral bevel gear; strong narrow joint V-belt + standard gear box transmission.
Mode of speed: adjustment AC frequency conversion control
Pay-off Method: Pay-off machine or spool pay-off machine
Take-up Method: I-Spool take-up machine or trunk pay off machine 
Material: Suitable for Drawing Welding rod; welding Wire (gas protection welding wire and submerged arc welding wire); steel wire (medium, low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire); Wire and cable (copper wire, aluminum wire) and other metal wires
* Various combined drawing equipment can be designed according to the customers' requirements

Typical Pulley type wrie drawing machine:

Model Tensile strength(Mpa) Max. inlet wire dia. (mm) Min. outlet wire dia. (mm) Speed(m/s) Motor power (kw) Application
LW6/350 1100 2.5 0.7 320 4  
LW6/400 1100 2.4 0.8 600 11 Gas-protection Welding Wire Fine Drawing
LW8/400 1100 2.4 0.8 600 11 Gas-protection Welding Wire Fine Drawing
LW6/450 500 4 1.6 280 11  
LW6/550 500 6.5 2.2 260 18.5  
LW7/560 500 5.5 2 480 22 Gas-protection Welding Wire Fine Drawing

The Final Product:


 Main Specification:
Type LW-600 LW-560 LW-550 LW-450 LW-350(400)
Dia. of block 600 560 550 450 350(400)
Material strength 1150Mpa 1150Mpa 900Mpa 1300Mpa 1400Mpa
Inlet wire dia. 8-6mm 6.5mm 6.5mm 3.6mm 2.5mm
Outlet wire dia. 3-2mm 1.8mm 1.8mm 1.1mm 0.8mm
Average Compressibility 25% 25% 25% 21% 22%
Total Compressibility 85% 92.33% 92.33% 90.7% 87%
Max. speed of block 200m/min 245m/min 245m/min 346.9m/min 200m/min
Total power 37-30kw 30-18.5kw 22-15kw 18.5-7.5kw 11-5.5kw
Weight 4500kg 2000kg 2000kg 1500kg 1500kg
Size of single block (mm) 2000×1200×2600 1700×1100×2400 1520×820×2300 1520×820×2300 1200×660×2000
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