How to Make Disposable Wood Tongue Depressor


With the increasing demand for oral hygiene and aesthetics, tongue depressors have become a common oral health equipment. Traditional tongue depressors are usually made of wood and are highly favored by consumers due to their safety, non toxicity, and antibacterial properties. This article will introduce the production process of wooden tongue depressors.

1.Preparation of raw materials for tongue depressor
Select peeled wood and use a rotary cutting machine to cut the circular wood log into wood veneers or wood boards of appropriate thickness, facilitating subsequent punching and cutting of tongue depressor shapes and sizes.

2.Production of Tongue Pressing Plate Mold
The production of molds requires the selection of wear-resistant, high hardness, and non deformable materials, usually steel. Firstly, based on the design drawings, label the shape, size, angle, etc. of the mold on the mold. Then use tools such as grinding machines and milling machines to cut the mold into corresponding shapes, in order to achieve precise cutting of the wood.
3.Punching and tongue pressing plate
Install the made mold on the punching machine, and the punching machine will accurately cut according to the shape of the mold. The finished tongue depressor is perfectly matched with the designed mold.

4.Polishing and branding tongue depressor
The polishing machine will sand polish the cut wooden tongue depressor to make the surface smooth and remove burrs. If brand or trademark information needs to be printed on the tongue depressor, a branding machine needs to be configured.

5.Packaging and quality inspection of tongue depressor
The finished tongue depressor is usually packaged in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. It can be packaged with a single tongue depressor or multiple tongue depressors in one bag or box. Need to configure tongue plate quality inspection machine, bundling machine or packaging machine.

Through the above steps, the wooden tongue depressor produced has the characteristics of good smoothness, no burrs, and beautiful texture, providing users with safe, comfortable, and high-quality oral care products. Producing tongue depressors is a process that requires patience and technology, and only professional manufacturers can produce high-quality wooden tongue depressors. 


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