Broom Stick Machine Round Wood Stick Forming Machine Cutting Length Can Be Customized


Processing process of woodworking round bar machine

Requires multiple woodworking machinery supporting equipment: band saw (or sliding table saw), circular saw, multi-blade saw, round bar sander, etc. Small logs do not need to be processed, and raw materials are directly used. However, it is required that the thickness should be uniform and should not be bent or split. It is mainly large wood, which must be split into wooden boards first, and then processed into regular square wood strips. The processing amount of raw materials is 3-10. Do not use deformed (too large curvature), tree knots, nodules, or inner wood. Wood containing nails and uneven diameter. Large raw materials need to be processed into boards with a matching band saw machine or sliding table saw, and then made into square bars through disc saws or multi-blade saws, and then round wood rods can be processed through round bar machines.

After the raw materials are prepared, they can be processed by the round bar machine. After the round bar machine makes the finished round wood bar, the surface smoothness needs to be polished and sanded. This is done with the matching sander, rotary head machine, etc. You can create finished round wooden handles or handicrafts.

The grinding diameter of the small woodworking round bar machine can be customized and it is very simple to use. The round bar sander is a supporting product of the round bar machine. The sander is mainly used for sanding and turning the wooden bar, making the finished round bar smoother and easier to use. The taper tip of the processed finished round bar is easier to use with a shovel. , hoes and other tools, the working principle of the round bar machine: using a special structure, the replacement of seals and bearings is more convenient and easier. The object processed by woodworking machine tools is wood. Wood is the earliest raw material discovered and utilized by humans, and it is closely related to human settlement, transportation and use.