3C Nail Making Machine Shipped in Brazil



For the Raw material, Q195/SEA1008/Q235/SAE1006 is the most common used wire, usually the original wire diameter in the market is 6.5 mm or 5.5 mm,

Firstly, draw the 6.5mm/5.5mm wire into different smaller size by using wire drawing machine.
Secondly, feed the already drawn wire such as 4.1mm 3.4mm,2.8mm etc into nails making machine directly.
Thirdly, Polish the nails to remove the thron and dust to make it more bright with black.
Lastly, pack the nails into cartons.

In December last year, the Brazilian customer found BIDRAGON nail making machine by searched the nail making machine. At the beginning, the customer needed to produce nails of 1-6 inch, it needs 3 sets of nail making machine, because to make different nails, it is for different nail length Designed, for example:

Z94-2C automatic nail making machine is used to manufacture 16mm (0.63 inch) to 50mm(1.97 inch) long nails. Its production rate is 350 pieces per minute.

Z94-3C automatic nail making machine is specially designed for making the nails with the length from 2inch to 4inch. The production output is 280 pieces per minute.

The customer finally chose two 3C formulators. Now the equipment has been successfully installed and operated in Brazil.