Disposable Wooden Spoon Making Machine

 Wooden spoon making need a production line, including some machines, firstlty need to saw the logs, stewing the log, peeling, and then rotary cutting machine, punch cutting machine, fork teeth cutting machine, spoon fork pressing forming machine, packing machine.We have different configurations and suggestions for you.

Wooden Spoon Making Machine Introduction
This wooden spoon making machine production line can share some machines to make disposable wooden spoons, wooden forks, wooden knives, and packing can be semi-automatic packing, fully automatic packing etc. We will recommend you proposal depending on your requirement.
Wooden Spoon Making Machine
Rotary Cutting Machine
Rotary cutting machine for wooden spoon making process.
Punch Cutting Machine
Punch cutting machine for wooden spoon making process.
Drying and Polishing Machine
Drying and polishing machine for wooden spoon making process.
Wooden Fork Teeth Cutting Machine
Fork teeth cutting machine to cut out the teeth of the forks.
Wooden Spoon Pressing Forming Machine
Spoon fork hot pressing forming machine to get the 3D products.
Wooden Spoon Packing Machine
Packing machine for single or multi products packing into the bag.
Final Products wooden spoon fork knife
Products Size standard size 160mm or 120mm
Product Thickness >standard 2mm
Power 47.8KW
Total Weight Depends on machine quantity
Total Volume Dpends on machine quantity


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