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Disposable Wooden Spoon and Fork Production Line

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Processing Flow:

Rotary Cutting Machine-Punch Cutting Machine-Drying Polishing Machine—Wooden Fork Teeth Cutting Machine-Wooden Fork Pressing Forming Machine-Cutlery Packing Machine

No 01. Latest Rotary Cutting Machine

This machine has a high accuracy which can ensure producing the standard, required and settled thickness of the wood slices to guarantee the quality of the final sticks and less waste of raw material. 

The Controlling System adopts transducer, PLC programming unit and other high performance numerical control components.

The machine can work stably and safely with a very high accuracy about the thickness (Accuracy: ±0.04mm)

This machine is suitable to process birch, poplar, eucalyptus, pine and other wood materials.


No 02.Latest Liner Bearing Tri-Carved Cutting Machine Without Gear Wheel


This machine is used to cut the wood board into certain size wood products, such as ice cream
sticks, ice scoop, magnum and tongue depressor etc. The width and thickness of wood sticks can all be adjustable. The machine has safety protection system to protect the worker from getting injured and ensure the machine operating smoothly.


No 03. Latest Drying and Polishing Machine Automatic Discharge


This machine applies to dry the ice cream stick, tongue depressor, etc. and also has the function to polish the wooden products. You also need a boiler to provide the steam for stewing the wood segment and drying in this procedure.

No 04. New Version Numerical Control Wooden Fork Teeth Cutting Machine

Brief Introduction:

This machine is used for making wooden fork teeth. After wooden fork is punched out by punching machine, it needs this machine to make out the teeth shape and then can go to the hot pressing forming machine.


No 05. Wooden Spoon Fork Pressing Forming Machine

Brief Introduction:

This machine adopts international standard pneumatic hydraulic pressure-cylinder. It uses the compressed gas as the power which utilizes the size changing of the supercharger to influence the Pressure cross-sectional area ratio and the PASCAL's principle of conservation of energy. This machine has the advantages of high pressure, low noise and working stable. This machine also has the function to change the temperature, time, pressure and counting based on the practical needs.


After the punch cutting machine, it can form the shape of the knives, forks, and spoons etc. But these semi-finished products are only the plane shape. This below machine can Form the 3D shape about the radian based on the client requirements.

No 06. Wooden Cutlery Packing Machine


It is suitable for the packaging of disposable fast food cutlery, such as disposable spoon knife fork, four sets of chopsticks paper towel toothpick spoon, or four sets of cutlery paper towel gloves, and other aviation food cutlery, Mei Tuan fast food table show disposable tableware packaging


Technical Parameter



3,000 – 5,000 pcs/hour


Machine Temperature


0 – 999 degree


Machine Pressure




Machine Overall Dimension










AC220V – 380V or Customization






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