How to maintain and pay attention to the nail making machine in autumn and winter?


1. Regular oiling and lubrication to ensure that each lubricating part is well lubricated. When using a new machine, it is best to carry out a large amount of lubrication within 15 days.
2. Keep the machine tidy, the nail mold should be cleaned frequently, and do not use raw embroidery wire to make nails.
3. After starting, the machine must be running normally before turning the handle of the incoming wire to enter the wire and make nails. When parking, stop the incoming wire first.
4. Keep the nail knife sharp.
5. During the operation of the machine, pay attention to the temperature rise of each friction part and the occurrence of abnormal noise.
6. Disconnect the power supply first when repairing equipment or electrical appliances.
7. The original specification should be used for the equipment that needs to be replaced.
8. Do not drive with the protective cover removed.