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How to make a barbecue skewer?

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1.         Grilled Kebabs(or Grilled kabobs)?

Kebabs is the food staff on the barbecue skewer or barbecue skewer stick. It is a not so easy to prepare kabobs for grilling. You must try many times to find way to make the best taste of grilled Kebabs.


2.         Barbecue Skewer


Barbecue Skewer Price Trends in last several years

The price curve showed in the graph is calculated among the top high quality barbecue skewer suppliers, and the barbecue skewer price is given based on the last seven weeks price trend on .

Barbecue Skewer types

1)         Metal Barbecue Skewer/ Barbecue Stick

2)         Wooden Barbecue Skewer / wooden bbq stick


3)      Bamboo Barbecue Skewer/ bamboo bbq stick


This three type of Barbecue Skewer material are very popular all over the worlds. But bamboo Barbecue Skewer and wooden Barbecue Skewer are much more popular for it low cost and disposable. And metal barbecue skewer has its advantages such as durable, strong, sharpen, etc. and disadvantages of dangerous, high cost, not disposable, bad sanitation conditions, etc..




3.         How to make such bamboo Barbecue Skewer and wooden Barbecue Skewer by barbecue skewers machine

1)         Using barbecue skewers machine to produce bamboo Barbecue Skewer and wooden Barbecue Skewer. Processing: saw wood log to certain dimension wood plate, put wood plate into forming machine to get wood sticks, sharpen one end or double ends of wood sticks, polishing, packing barbecue skewer. 

Barbecue Skewer Forming Machine and Barbecue Skewer Sharpening Machine

2)         Barbecue Stick Logo Branding Machine

To expand your business of Barbecue skewer, a barbecue stick logo branding machine will be very useful for bbq skewer manufacturers.

3)         Packing machine to pack bamboo Barbecue Skewer and wooden Barbecue Skewer

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