Two Side Branding Machine
  • Two Side Branding Machine
  • Two Side Branding Machine

Two Side Ice Cream Stick Branding Machine

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Branding is a kind of new craft and method in printing industry. It is mainly used to brand logos on the wooden stick. Such as ice cream sticks, tongue depressor, magnums etc. After branding,then the wooden sticks have good advertising and security function. It gives consumers a brand-new feeling because it is elegant and nonpoisonous. It is national patent product. It has the characteristic of high speed, wide adjustment scope and easy handling. Ice cream sticks double side branding machine can stamp logo on the two sides of the wooden sticks according to customer’s requirement. When it begin to work, it will overturn the ice cream sticks or tongue depressor after the first logo branding step in order to stamp the logo on the other side of the sticks.
 Two Side Ice Cream Stick Branding Machine Working Video:

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